Pastor Philip Lee


My name is Philip Lee, and I am blessed to be a pastor serving Belleville & Madoc churches. When the Lord brought me into this world 41 years ago, many obstacles were waiting for me. As a premature infant, I had many health complications but thankfully the Lord reversed curses into blessings. I was blessed to be born into a Seventh-day Adventist missionary/church planter’s family and grew up with Christian values.


When I was 18, there was a tragedy in my family that caused me to leave the church and deny Christian practices. I thank God for His mercy and goodness. He never gave up on me but helped me through my struggles. The Lord turned me around from the shadow of death into His marvelous light and has given me a special call to be His servant.


Now I am blessed to be His witness, servant, and ambassador. I am also blessed to have a Godly and supportive wife, Emily, and two wonderful children, Enoch and Chloe Lee. We enjoy music, sports, outdoor activities like camping, kayaking, hiking